It is a live activity warfare and strategy game


The typical goal or winning move is to catch the flag of the enemy's camp.

The first game

The first paintball game was played on June 27, 1981 with a platoon of united states marines in basic training. Visa for Sri Lanka The very first paintball games had gamers pitching paint balls at each other rather than shooting from a gun.

Paint balls

So, following a paintball game, players could follow up with a turpentine celebration to wash the paint off out of their bodies

The rules

Players of one group try to disqualify their opponents buy shooting them. After a player is hit on the pre-agreed number of occasions, he is deemed dead and must leave the area.

Game places

Paintball may be performed commercially, with an admission fee, or in private property. Paintball game sites are usually made up to mimic a particular environment which may be urban or subtropical.

Paintball shooting

A referee manages the calls and playing out the names of players who have been labeled. Since the paint balls may cause abrasions of the skin if fired from close selection, some rules prohibit the shooting of this paintball within a particular distance from the target. Overshooting is. It refers to the continuing shooting of an eliminated player.

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