Cabot Trail is one of the most spectacular landscapes you will find in Canada. The trail follows the banks of the Glenbow River and starts from downtown Banff.

This area has been a popular destination with outdoor enthusiasts and travelers for over a century.

Today, you can experience the same spectacular scenery that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. However, traveling to this area requires a little more care compared to other Canadian hiking spots.

One of the main concerns about travelling to this area is your immigration status. While most countries have laws that allow tourists to stay for up to two years after arriving in the country, there are some who require a visa before travelling to Canada. If you plan to stay in Canada beyond two years, it would be best if you apply for a three-year tourist visa before leaving.

Your accommodation is also another concern when you travel to this area. Since this is a mountain resort, accommodations in the vicinity would be a bit hard to find. Although hotels abound in the area, it would also be a good idea to scout for vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are often located near tourist attractions and restaurants, making the transportation and accommodations process easier for tourists.

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Another way of getting around this area is the use of public transportation. There are many buses operating within the City of Banff, which will take you to different destinations and offer a scenic ride for you. It is also possible for you to rent a bicycle and go through the National Parks. Traveling by bus is also convenient because it allows you to find cabins that are close to tourist attractions and where you can acquire local currency.

Aside from applying for a tourist visa, you should also consider your stay in Canada. Although visiting Canada does not require you a passport, it is still wise to have one in order to gain access into the areas outside your country. This is especially important if you want to visit the Sentier National Park, which is about two hours away from the closest part of the city of Calgary. In this park, you will not only get to see the sights here, but you will also be able to practice Canada’s national park activities such as hiking, snowboarding, and biking. Some activities even allow participants to feed wildlife by collecting fruits or berries found on their trek.

Foreign visitors should have a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization at least 3 business days before the planned trip, submit the application form on

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The Cabot trail is also the perfect place for sightseeing. It is possible to do guided tours on different days, and you can also enjoy nature during your stay in the area. However, if you want to do more adventurous activities while you are in Canada, you may visit WildCRK, which offers hiking and climbing. However, it would also be a good idea to bring a camera to capture the scenes here.